Dermeluxx Hydrofacial

Exfoliates | Hydrates and nourishes skin | Brightens complexion | Shrinks pores | Tightens and illuminates skin

About Dermeluxx Hydrofacial

The Dermeluxx Hydrofacial is a state of the art fluid dermabrasion and skin-resurfacing treatment that improves skin tone and elasticity, boosts collagen production and deeply nourishes the skin. This facial will leave the skin looking and feeling smooth, glowing and radiant. This patented system consists of 4 parts: Deep exfoliation using a diamond tip that gently vacuums away dead skin cells and debris; Smooth extraction of blackheads and clogged pores; Oxygen infusion which hydrates the skin with minerals and vitamins and stimulates skin turnover; Cryo tightening and toning using a collagen peptide gel. This final step shrinks pores, improves blood flow, stimulates collagen production and illuminates the skin.